Aurela- after the first relief…

Aurela is ill again

Aurela is ill again

After the first relief, that Aurela was much better before the years‘ ending, she is now sick again. This time, additional to sore throat she have earache, she is very weak and even don’t want to eat.

The doctor in charge told her parents again, that a complete healing is not possible there in Kosovo where she lives (they cannot perform stem cell transplantations there) and also her life circumstances with a lot of mold infestation in the flat where they live, are not the best and for sure not healthy for her.

But the family cannot change that. For basic and fundamental renovations they don’t have the money, as well as for the treatment of the little girl abroad. If there is not a solution very soon, it is very probable that Aurela will not reach her fifth year of life although she held out courageously till now. So that she can live healthy and become adult, we would like to ask you for further donations and for to spread and share her case as much as possible. Each Euro or Dollar counts!

This is the only way how we all together can help her to receive the needed stem cell transplantation. A treatment which is paid in the most western industrial nations by the health assurance if there is a matching stem cell donor. For Aurela, there is even no such assurance. Her only chance are the people who fight with us together for her life and who share our opinion, that also a single child have a right of living and, over and above, a right of being saved from death!

Every life is precious and worthy to be saved although it takes a lot of money and one maybe could have the opinion that this money could be better used for helping much more children in need.

This might be, but nobody, really nobody should decide which life is worthy to be lived and which one not. For Aurela’s parents she is the most important and most precious little human being in the world, for whom there is not only the problem of missing education, of poverty or enough to eat, but the bare survival.

On top, they live in a country, nobody is looking on anymore because it’s no more a crisis area since the war had ended. There are no charities, who care for the medical treatment for children like Aurela. And certainly she is not the only one with this fate. But who knows that precisely? Nobody is just even looking there. With saving Aurelas‘ life, we can also set a sign.

Therefor, that EVERY life, every child is precious and have a right to live.

Therefor, that we STILL should look to countries, which are meanwhile disregarded.

Therefor, to bring it to consciousness that the people there are not just poor but have to fight with much more existential problems and needs, which fulfillment is for us normality (e.g. treatment of children in case of sickness).

Therefor, that right there, a lot of things must and can be changed in the future, with our help.

Besides the so important collection of donations for a stem cell transplantation, we also want to call attention of our emergency fonds for Aurela. With the reference „Emergency fonds for Aurela“ you can also make a donation to support Aurelas‘ parents with the regularely treatment or when she becomes suddenly sick, as it happened again now. Because often, just for that, her parents and her family don’t have enough money. See Project:

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