Mai 14

Aurela: (amongst others) influencers urgently needed

The fundraising project for Aurela in Kosovo who suffers from leukemia desperately needs influencers, people who share the information with other people and organisations, to find more donors and volunteers.
Ulf Hundeiker from Muenster could collect over 12.000 Euro since last August due to huge personal and financial commitment. But a lot more money, up to 250.000 Euro as it is, is needed to help Aurela, who is not even 2 years old, to finance a life saving stem cell transplantation.

WLV member and project "manager" Ulf Hundeiker

For there is no possibility for it and no health insurance in Kosovo which could pay for the costs.
As many donors as possible are needed to finance this sum. For that it is necessary that they find out about it. Everybody who wants to help is very welcome. Please write to ulf@hundeiker or Bee.Halton(at)gmail.com if you want to help.
You can find Tips here and a collection of informative articles here

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